Commercial Project
Marble look – The Hague

Interior design and realisation of a lounge area in The Hague.
This lounge area is one of the most amazing features we have designed and realised in 2020. A creative challenge!
The marblelook walls including framing, gold details and the custom made leopard carpet make it look exquisite. Every aspect and detail has been thought over; chairs and their materials, lighting on the ceiling but also lighting on the little tables to give it that roaring 20’s look. The centre table with the amazing bouquet in an unique vase has been covered with a custom-made tablecloth with a leopard print fringe.

The public area has a more open tone to it, the light and green colors give it this Havana feeling. Frederik Premier re-upholstered the old chairs in an amazing t’Ouro fabric and added small items such as crazy side tables to the room.

This project is another example of the uniqueness and out-of-the box ideas in our designs at Frederik Premier.