Residentieel Project: Klassiek

A client reached out to us who wanted a setting in their house that would respect the period in which it was built (1860 to 1890). The color scheme had to add to the neo-renaissance style home and also exude a homely atmosphere.  The setting was made on the first floor, which has a salon with fireplaces, two study rooms, a room overlooking the garden and a pantry. As the more casual family room was located on ground floor, we decided to make this new setting more formal, as it was a floor in which the residents would work but also where guests would be entertained. We decided to add a blue to turquoise color scheme, having softer tones in the dining area and pantry and adding color and depth in the rooms that are used for work/study as to evoke creativity. The blinds are made in a baroque fabric that goes well with the color scheme and adds detail to the whole room. French styled furniture in lush fabrics and soft tones were added to make a classic setting topped off with woolen carpets.