Project: Black Linen

Black curtains
This amazing curtain project took place in a historical setting in the Hague. The house is situated in a city centre area but spacious with green parks, full of historical houses and buildings. The house has a static original front, in the back of the livingroom/kitchen area the owners made an extension into the garden. The garden looks out to the modern part of town. The extension also has a more modern look, which fits well to it’s view.

The owners chose a black linen material for this setting, lined with a white colored ‘taft’ an artificial silk. The linen gives the room a wide look. The fabric is a bit crushed and oversized. Because of the color black in combination with the linen, this modern look of the extension combines great with the classic look of the house itself. Because of the white taft lining, the curtains still give the room a light character. A perfect combination of space and style.

IMG_5761 IMG_5759



Fabrics black linen and white silk look